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Apparently there are only two chocolatiers in all of Canada that actually make their own chocolate. (Most companies buy their chocolate in bulk and melt it down.) Fortunately for us, one of the two companies is based in Inglewood, Calgary (the other is based Toronto). Choklat, owned by chocolatier Brad Churchhill, is a gem of a find. He sources his beans directly from a cacau supplier in Brazil, and at the moment he has two “Limited Edition” cacau’s – “an extremely rare Porcelana, and a rare Criollo from the infamous Ocumare district of Venezuela.” The best bit is that they roast their own beans and blend their own chocolate on site. You can buy moulded bars or create your own truffles from their menu (it takes about 15 minutes).

We took home a couple of truffles (for the road) and one of each of their dark chocolate bars. As we had guests coming over we decided to do a bit of a taste test.

Our results:

Ocumare: we all had different responses to the flavour of the ocumare. Smokey, liquor, winey, plums.

Porcelena: strangely we all said roughly the same thing for the porcelena. Fruit, Raisins, Dark cherry.

Brazillian: we didn’t find the flavour of the Brazillian as sophisticated as the others. Fruity, milk chocolate, tough to put a finger on the exact flavour.

The porcelena was by far the group favourite and it didn’t last very long. I’ll have to make another trip down soon before it runs out.

It’s nice to see more shops like this opening in Calgary. Do your tastebuds a favour and get yourself down to Inglewood.

1327A 9th Avenue SE
Calgary Alberta, Canada, T2G 0T2
Phone: 403-457-1419

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  1. Which is the other chocolatier (in Toronto)?

  2. We were told it was Soma chocolate. I’ve added the link above as well. Thanks for reminding me to put it in.

  3. I was just doing a post on Choklat, and i was looking up the address when i came across your blog. Wanted to just say amazing photographs, and great diversity in posts. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the good work!

  4. will you ever hold chocolate classes in calgary?

  5. Sandra: Choklat offers classes called “chocolate snobery”, they run every couple of weeks. The schedule is on their website. We’ve already bought a couple of nights as gifts for others.

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