Fresh eggs!


There is nothing quite like a fresh farm egg.  I love the fact that they’re not all uniform (check the ones at the bottom with the little nobbly bits.) Lucky for us our friends have started to farm their own on a very small scale. They have about 25 chickens and get about 2 dozen eggs per day. They only charge us what it costs to feed them as they are just raising the chickens as a hobby. My favourite way to eat the eggs is to boil them until they are just done (3 minutes or so) and smear them on grainy bread. Simple and delicious.

Meet one of the hens…


I love being able to meet my food or the producer of my food before I go and eat it. Somehow it just seems more natural than buying everything from a supermarket.

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  1. What beautiful eggs! One of my favorite parts about belonging to a CSA is visiting the farm and playing with the chickens who supply our eggs all summer.

    The Jew & The Carrot

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