The perfect mug for coffee or tea

I didn’t realize that finding the perfect mug would be quite such an ordeal. Our criteria for the perfect mug:

1. Must have a handle. We used to have the lovely but useless Pokal IKEA mug, and it was consistently a hand-burning experience.
2. Must have enough room for at least 2 fingers in the handle. None of these poncy one finger handles for us. One finger handles are only acceptable on espresso cups. For example: LavAzza
3. Must be large, but not so large that your drink gets cold before you get to the bottom.
4. Must be colourful. There is nothing as boring as a cupboard full of white mugs (another drawback of the Pokal IKEA mugs).
5. Must be tough. Dishwasher and people safe please.
6. Must be priced reasonably. I refuse to pay for something that if it drops and breaks I would cry. (This automatically excludes Denby, which I don’t really like anyway.)

After lots of searching we finally found exactly what we’ve been looking for. Sengware has been the answer to our mug dilemma. Sengware mugs meet each of our criteria on every level. The best bit is that they come in plenty of gorgeous colours, including:

We decided to get 2 of Tangerina, Pistachio, Pomello, Heaven and Pimento. It’s a rainbow of coffee mug goodness and will be a great addition to our new kitchen. I can’t wait to get them.

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