Vintage Chophouse

We had the fortunate opportunity to eat at the Vintage Chophouse (Calgary,Canada) this past Saturday night. The place was packed, the service was amazing, and the food was just as good. I opted for the prime rib – served with a rosemary Yorkshire pudding and roasted mushrooms. The steak was tender, and cooked to perfection.

My wife chose the very seasonable White truffle risotto. Neither of us had ever tried anything made with the fungus. The risotto was wonderfully al dente, with hints of lemon with nothing overpowering amazingly pungent flavour of the truffle. It was well worth the price ($50/plate), which apparently has been pushed up by a poor growing season this year. White truffles can run between $800 and $1500 per pound, it’s almost like shaving diamonds on to your plate.

Overall we had a lovely evening and will be returning as often as the wallet allows.

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