Things that fall from (palm) trees

Things that have fallen on us from the coconut palm we used to shade ourselves on the beach.

1. Coconuts (obviously) – Luckily it didn’t fall on us, just beside us. THUMP!
2. Spiders – One as big as my palm fell on Jen and bounced up the beach back into the tree.
3. Snake – The same snake fell out of the palm 3 times. The first time it slithered up the beach, over my arm and back into the tree. The second, it fell with a thump and caught a gecko on the beach which it proceeded to devour. The best bit was watching the gecko’s tail twiching in its mouth! The third time it slithered up beside Jen’s leg.

Our 12 days on the beach were glorious!

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  1. That’s the coolest. The snake, anyway. I don’t think I’d like a large spider dropping on me.

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