Feelin’ hot hot hot

Day 3 and I think we’ve lost at least a stone (14lbs for you non-Brits) in sweat – needed to know that didn’t you! It’s 20:30 and it’s at least 30 celcius – frosty!

Whilst the visit was short, we really enjoyed Hong Kong. We had some fantastic food (fresh Lychees – yum), saw some great sights (Victoria Peak, dragon boat races, live fish flapping for it’s life on the floor of the grocery store) and thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere Hong Kong has to offer.

Today we got up early to catch a train to Guangzhou (1hr 45min north of Hong Kong). We’re staying on Shamian Island which was one of the first places the Westerners were allowed to trade from on mainland China. These days you see Americans, mostly, visiting with the sole purpose of adopting a Chinese baby, it’s definitely the place to go if that’s what you want.

We enjoyed some Chinese bureaucracy this afternoon as we waited for 1hr to change 500 Hong Kong dollars (that’s not much more than 32GBP) into Yuan. You wouldn’t believe how many forms we had to fill out and they even took Jared’s passport away for some sort of inspection – ahhh, keeps people busy and employed I guess.

We’ll be taking some trips outside Guangzhou over the next few days and then taking a sleeper train to Guilin on Thursday night. This travelling stuff, I think I could get used to it.

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