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July 28 | Comments (0)

Grilled snapper

Our new roof terrace has been providing us with ample opportunity to use our grill outside, which means we can cook more fish without stinking up the flat. I like to keep grilling as simple as possible. A little salt, pepper (perhaps stuff it with some lemons and light herbs such as parseley) and put it on the hot grill. Lots of people try to overdo fish with lots of sauces. I think that just ruins the taste of the fish.

Grilling like this reminds me of Essaouira, where fresh fish is grilled at stands along the ramparts of the walled city. It's hands down one of the most wonderful experiences you can have...choose your fish, put it on the grill. The catch of the day dictates what's available. The fish is so fresh that you don't need to add anything to it, the natural salt from the sea is enough to season and the charcoal gives it an extra bite. It's been a few years now since we've visited, perhaps its time to return.

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