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December 7 | Comments (1)

I have just had the worst customer experience of my life. I ordered a new PC from Mesh Computers and arranged for it to be delivered on Friday evening. Expecting that they would show up after 6 I arrived home a few minutes before only to find that they had already been there and left a card in the door. The card said that they were there at 6pm and clearly they were not! So, all I had to do is wait for my delivery on Monday as they told me it would arrive the next business day. Monday passed, Tuesday passed and still nothing.

After repeated calls to the depot and many hours on hold, the less than friendly lady let me know that they had attempted delivery in the morning on Tuesday but I wasn't there. (I asked her what happend to Monday, and didn't get a satisfactory response.) Since I had paid for evening delivery, I wrongly assumed that they would deliver... in the evening. Today, I've had to travel to their depot, pick it up and pay for a taxi to take me home. All in all i'm out £60, really pissed off with Amtrak, but at least I have my new PC.

Why is it that delivery companies only want to deliver during normal office hours? Don't they realise that everyone else has to work as well. A evening only delivery company would probably make a killing.

I reserve the word hate for a select few. Amtrak I hate you, may your collective genitals be infested with the fleas of 10000 camels.


I agree with the above. Amtrak do not seem to be the business for customer satisfaction.

A very expensive telephone call informed me that they could not accommodate alternatives.

Many people can not be available all day and do not have either the means or the time to travel to another city to pick up a parcel.

What a load of rubbish!

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