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November 11 | Comments (0)

Most people have never heard of Web 2.0, let alone many of the companies that call themselves such or use the associated technologies. I'm reminded everyday how few people know (or even care) about the changes that are happening online at the moment. Just this morning, I was talking to my other half about Podcasting, expecting that she'd know what it was. After listening to me ramble for 5 mins on the subject she asks "What's Podcasting?". It's was a good reminder that the vast majority of the web viewing public are still new to these concepts and that knowing who your audience is and what they understand is still as important as it ever was.

If you're unsure if a website falls into the Web 2.0 category, or if you're curious you might want to try this validator. So far folkmann.ca is only a 2/13...so i'm clearly not 2.0 enough.

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