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November 4 | Comments (0)

Suprglu, holding all of your web applications together. Do you use, Flickr, Del.icio.us, Blogger or 43things? Now you can get all of your feeds from any of these applications all in one place, and you'll eventuallybe able to publish the list as one big RSS feed.

SuprGlu is about bringing the pieces of your web content together into one central place for you, your friends, and maybe even your friends to-be.

With the advent of so many fun to use applications, it is a shame for us to not use them. So keeping that in mind, what would be even better is to blog them.

I've registered and i'm not yet sure how this will fit into my consumption of media. At the moment I use my.yahoo.com to manage my RSS feeds (although i'm probably going to switch as it's starting to burst), and I use each other service individually.

It's an interesting concept, however i'm not sure the model has been completely worked through. Would I add all my feeds to this? or just my own content? Is having content all jumbled together better than other navigational methods, or the viewing habits i've developed? How is this different from including all of my other content as links from my blog, or importing the RSS directly into folkmann.ca?

Suprglu, I need reasons to believe. If you're listening, i'd love to hear some...i want to be convinced. [tip:Francois]

Update: jfolkmann.suprglu.com

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