Amazon starts tagging

Looks like the ecom giant has finally started letting people tag the products in their catalogue. At the moment it’s only available to 50% of the audience and isn’t available to other countries yet. Kokogiak has a good write up and links to Flickr photos for those that can’t see it.

I would imagine that the tags will prove to be an interesting way to find other books, improve Amazon’s search and eventually replace any hierarchy in their navigation. However, I can see spammers having a good time with this, Amazon will have to create some tools to deal with this…that or the community will have to self police a la wikipedia.

It also lends itself to serving some dodgy results. For example, I tagged Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norell with “fantasy”, other items tagged with fantasy included the latest Britney Spears album.

It will be interesting to see how the experiment turns out.

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