The Deck

Cutting out the middle man has long been the best way to optimise the money you make. The fine folks at A List Apart, 37signals and Coudal Partners have joined together to create their very own ad network between their sites. They say:

The Deck, the premier advertising network for reaching web and design professionals. The three sites serve up millions of page views each month and The Deck ad program is uniquely configured to connect marketers to a targeted, influential audience.

In a way the advertisers are effectively sponsoring the sites. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. Hopefully they will keep the viewing public appraised of its success (although we might be able to tell if Adsense Ads start appearing). Each site is big enough to manage the relationships with advertisers, which will stop most bloggers from trying a similar model. However, I would imagine that it won’t stop some of the bigger bloggers giving it a try.

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